The Self-Destructing Token

TransBurn is not a simple Self-Burning Token! It’s more than that....

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What is Transburn

Transburn is an open-source and community-driven social experiment with usecase. Participating in this experiment does not present an offer for ordinary shares of any entity and token holders are not entitled to or promised any form of dividends/financial rewards. Tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction.

Why Transburn?

Transburn token is specifically made for dapp game transaction with a coded deflationary 1% per transaction, which means every onchain transaction 1% will be automatically destroyed. This method and application create scarcity for the transburn token to make it surge high base on the law of demand and supply.


The demand for transburn token will be relatively increase day by day because this is real usecase token that's back up by decrease in total supply upon any transaction made on chain. The more the awareness and interest of blockchain users get involves in usage of transburn the more the velocity of transburn ascending. Transburn is created by block chain enthusiasts who believe in creating new ideas for the improvement and betterment of block chain industry whereas give the Crypto community to take care of the transburn by promotion and application of marketing strategy. Therefore transburn is largely own by its users and community who believe in new ideas and innovations.

TransBurn Token Supply & Distribution

Token Metrics

  • Community-- 40%
  • Team/Advisors- 15%
  • Marketing/promotion- 15%
  • Dev/Exchange listings- 15%
  • Future reserve- 15%

Transburn Roadmap

Q2 2019


Starting the Project!

  • Research on Deflationary Tokens
  • Research on Dapps
  • Formation of the Core Team
  • Release of Transburn (TRB) Smart contract

Q3 2019


Launch AirDrop & Listing!

  • Perlaunch Airdrop
  • Formation of TRB Ambassadors
  • Launch of TRB bot (version1.0)
  • Website Launch
  • Platform Launch
  • 1st Airdrop
  • Listing of TRB on Exchanges
  • Development of Dapps for games and other utilities

Q4 2019


Bot 2.0️

  • TransBot ( Bot version 2.0)
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Partnerships
  • 50k TRB Dapp User challenge (Airdrop)
  • Adoption of TRB as Fiat/crypto gateway
  • More Exchanges listing

Q1 2020


Will be Updated Soon️

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