Biomass Pure Wood Pellet Fuel for Stove/Burners/BBQ grill – 25kgs


  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable.
  • Easy to use and no pollution in the air.
  • Multi unique anti-slipping textures design for your choice.
  • Renewable biomass energy as fuel, to achieve the sustainable use of energy
  • Very high calorific value

           Delivery in 5-7 days


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Wood pellets are a kind of modern-day fuel for heating. They have been popularized in recent years as a renewable energy source. Wood pellets are made by compressing sawdust at a very high pressure. The sawdust is a scrap from different plywood industries or saw mills, thus recycling the environmental balance. Wood pellets are a renewable energy source. They are made from wood waste, such as sawdust, chips, and bark. They burn cleaner than coal and other fossil fuels. Wood Pallets are made from 100% natural wood, which is why they are considered a green energy source. The production of wood pellets does not require the use of fossil fuels. They are also a much more efficient energy source than coal or oil.

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