Transburn’s burners and stoves use biomass fills – that is, wood pellets. Biomass is an inexhaustible and manageable fuel and is ample in India. Biomass is turning out to be increasingly more well-known to lessen dependence on more costly petroleum derivatives. Likewise, it is a carbon unbiased fuel source – trees and different plants, for example, It takes CO2 from the air and discharges no extra CO2 during burning. Wood pellets are the most well-known fuel for Biomass Boilers/ Burners or Stoves.


Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are produced using sawdust which is compressed using high pressure, typically sawdust is obtained from scrap from wood industries (like sawmills). They are round and hollow in shape, kept intact by lignin, which is normally present in the wood. Pellets are uniform in size – around 6mm in width and 25mm long. The pellets are extremely dry, with under 5% dampness content.

Pellets can be bought in bulk from us, or in smaller retail packets. Pellets can also be bought locally as there are a lot of manufacturers throughout the country. The pellets must be kept dry, to safeguard them. These arrangements also permit the fuel to be taken care of to the evaporator for an additional hands-off experience.


How much do pellets cost?

Pellets are available at a very cheap price. The cost of storing is also very affordable. Pellet fuel is the most affordable fuel in terms of price. Using pellets one can save up to 60% in fuel costs.The calorific worth of wood pellets is around 4200 kcal/kg. This implies that one kilogram of pellets will give 4200 kcal of energy.


Fuel saving calculations

Calorific value of wood pellets: 4200 kcal/kg

Calorific value of LPG and Diesel: 10500 kcal/kg

Therefore, 2.5kg of wood pellets is equivalent to LPG and Diesel, which means to generate a certain amount of energy, we 2.5 times more wood pellets than diesel or LPG

However, Price of diesel or LPG is 6 times more costlier than wood pellets. Since, 2.5times more pellets is required in mass, therefore to generate same amount of energy by wood pellets, one can save up to (6/2.5) = 2.4 times of money.



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