Commercial Biomass Smokeless Stove – Save 60% fuel cost


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  • Perfect small shops, restaurants, temple kitchens, food stalls
  • The Transburn forced draft stove is a unique solution for cooking.
  • It produces clean and efficient heat without specialized fuels and with minimum smoke. Its scientific design is such that it draws fresh air into the combustion chamber along with wood gas resulting into cleaner, hotter and more efficient heat with very less smoke. Wood combustion air is driven into fire pot to create wood-gas (smoke). This occurs in the gasification zone.
  • This forced Draft Stove gives you high performance at a low cost, making it the most economical solution that has no adverse health effects.
  • It is proudly make in India and has been built keeping in mind the needs of people in different parts of the world. 
  • Fuel in the form of wood pellets, wood chips or any other biomass can be used.
  • 90% Smokeless, 60% Wood Saving and 50% Time saving,Variable speed selection
  • USB Type adopter is provided to run the small 6Volt fan, which can be run using a mobile charger or even a power bank.
  • Size –  12 X 19 in inch

Delivery in 5-7 days


Commercial Biomass Smokeless Stove – Save 60% Fuel


Using biomass fuel decreases fuel cost by 60% compared to Diesel, Gas, LDO, Furnace Oil or Electricity. They have high calorific value of 4200 Kcal/hour. Our Biomass stove utilizes pellet fuel in the most advanced way giving customers guaranteed cost saving. 

We have a prompt and efficient service which will give you a ultimate experience. We use the best quality of materials during manufacturing and undergo vigorous quality control. 

Although pellet fuel is available everywhere in the country, Still we can deliver pellet fuel all over the country at the optimum prices which no one can match. Our Pellets has maximum calorific value with minimum moisture and ash content. 

Other fuels like any Natural Bio waste, Wood, wood pellets, wood chips etc can also be used.

transburn biomass stove transburn stove transburn biomass stove transburn stove transburn stove


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