Transburn Biomass Wood Pellet Burner with Anti Smoke Back Technology – 1lakh kcal/hour


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  • Wood/Biomass pellet burner( Automatic fuel feeding using screw conveyor, RAV and timer) Burns with no smoke and pollution free.
  • Ideal for steam boilers, thermic fluid heaters, heat exchangers or even large kitchens.
  • Our burners doest not catch fire in the fuel hopper like others, as we have anti smoke back technology. We are the first and only manufacturer in India with this technology.
  • Our burners can be operated 24hours continously.
  • Save 60% in fuel cost daily

Delivery in 5-7 days


Biomass Wood Pellet Burner With Anti Smoke Back Technology- Save 60% Fuel


Installed in various process industries, food industries. We installed our biomass pellet burners in Boilers, Hot air generators, Furnace, Ovens, etc.

Using Pellet fuel decreases fuel cost by 60% compared to Diesel, Gas, LDO, Furnace Oil or Electricity. They have high calorific value of 4200 Kcal/hour. Our Biomass burners utilizes pellet fuel in the most advanced way giving customers guaranteed cost saving. 

We have a prompt and efficient service which will give you a ultimate experience. We use the best quality of materials during manufacturing and undergo vigorous quality control. 

Although pellet fuel is available everywhere in the country, Still we can deliver pellet fuel all over the country at the optimum prices which no one can match. Our Pellets has maximum calorific value with minimum moisture and ash content. 

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1.5 Lakhs kcal/hour


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